Öster Malma Wildlife Park

A wildlife park with moose, mouflon, fallow and red deer in their natural environment.

Aims of Öster Malma Wildlife Park
One of the aims of the Wildlife Park is to give people an opportunity to visit the countryside and see wild native animals. A further aim is to use the area for the study of ecology and the relationship between Swedish cloven-hoofed game. It is important to remember and respect that these are wild animals. Therefore, the animals are kept in large enclosures that are as natural to them as possible. All animals here are reared in captivity, but they are still wild species.

Moose is the king of the forest, and we strongly believe that it is only natural that they have access to woodland, just as it is for our red deer to have access to marshland. This means that your experience at Öster Malma Wildlife Park will be somewhat different, as the animals will not stand waiting for you in a clearing inside the fence, but can be viewed in their natural environment.

One tip is to bring your binoculars and visit our lookout point to survey the enclosures and spot where the animals are just then. Perhaps there is a moose lying down at the edge of the forest or fallow deer resting in the shade of some trees!

Summer and winter enclosures
During May – August all animals are kept in their summer enclosures, located along the short walking trails that traverse the Wildlife Park. Along the trails are a number of boards with information about the different species and their ecology. The signs are in Swedish, English and German.

During the rutting period in September, the wildlife park is closed, and some of the animals are separated to avoid fighting. The animals are let out in large winter enclosures, which means that they may be harder to see.

When walking in Öster Malma Wildlife Park you will also see a number of birds, such as capercaillie, grey partridge and the rare lesser white-fronted goose. During the winter months, however, the aviaries are closed as the birds are kept inside.

Wild boar and the game conservation trail
A short walk through the beautiful landscape just outside the wildlife park takes you to the inquisitive and sociable wild boars. The game conservation trail offers a mile-long walk (in ordinary shoes) where you meet wildlife and learn about wild animals in the area.

Admission to the wildlife park is paid in Öster Malma’s reception.

Visitors are not allowed to bring dogs into the wildlife park as this may cause distress to the animals in the enclosures.

Further information
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Wildlife Park openinghours

May -  August: Open daily from 10.00 to 16.00 (closed midsummer)
During the period 24 of june until 18 of august 2019, participate when the mooses are fed and also a guided tour. Takes about 45 minutes and included in the admission fee. Starts every day at 14,00

September closed

October to April: Tuesday - Friday from 11.00 to 16.00 Saturday from 11.00 to 15.00. Sunday and Monday closed. 

During the period of October to April all Deer, Mufflon and Mouse will be kept in winter enclosures. This means that they have larger areas to browse and therefore might be harder to spot. Our bird enclosures will be closed during this period.

Öster Malma Castle

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