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Hunting in Sweden

Summarized information about hunting in Sweden as a foreign guest.

In Sweden hunting and wildlife management as an integral and essential part of wildlife conservation. Hunting is, and shall be a wise long-term utilization of the renewable natural resources.
Wildlife (mammals and birds) is essentially protected and hunting can take place only in the extent and in the manner permitted by law. Protection also eggs and nests.

Who can go hunting?
Hunting associations
Hunting opportunities for foreign visitors
Hunting permits
Hunting insurance
Permitted firearms and ammunition
Import of firearms
Addresses of the police authorities at the points where foreign hunters usually arrive when they visit Sweden:
Borrowing firearms
Moose-hunting tests
To hunt - what contacts are necessary?

Who can go hunting?

Every landowner has the hunting rights on his or her land, regardless of whether it is large or small. If landowners do not want to exercise these rights, they can lease them out in whole or in part. Hunting takes place to a greater or lesser extent on most land where it is legally permitted.

Hunting associations

About half the land in Sweden is owned by the state and large companies, particularly in the northern and central regions. On the greater part of this land the hunting rights are leased out to individuals or hunting associations.

In the areas where the available land is limited, co-operation is necessary to ensure viable hunting. Owners of hunting rights in various areas therefore often pool their rights to make larger hunting areas. Co-operation is particularly necessary for moose hunting to ensure conservation of the stock.


Hunting is a popular sport in Sweden. There are almost 300.000 hunters, of whom nearly 200.000 have chosen to join the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management (Svenska Jägareförbundet). The association is a voluntary body whose main task is to look after the interests of hunting and hunters. Many hunters are also landowners but more than half lease shooting rights or belong to co-operative associations.

Since 1985 all newcomers to hunting have had to pass an examination comprising five separate parts, both theoretical and practical. Passing this examination is an essential condition for possession of firearms.

However, foreign visitors can obtain permission to bring their own firearms and use them in Sweden.

Hunting opportunities for foreign visitors

As almost all hunting land is already accounted for, there are few opportunities to lease shooting rights in Sweden. However, many foreign hunters are invited to enjoy "exchange hunting" in Sweden. Under this scheme a foreign hunter can invite a Swedish hunter to hunt in his own country and is invited, in return, to hunt in Sweden.
Another increasingly popular option is to go hunting in Sweden as a "paying guest", and more and more landowners and hunting co-operatives offer this opportunity to both Swedish and foreign visitors.


Hunting permits

Everyone who goes hunting in Sweden must pay an annual hunting conservation fee. The fee is valid for one year, from 1 July to 30 June the following year.

When the fee is paid the receipt is attached to the hunting permit, which must be carried at all times when hunting.

Hunting insurance

If foreign visitors do not have comprehensive insurance cover which is valid in Sweden they must take out a special hunting insurance policy which covers both personal accidents and third party liability. This insurance cover is available to those who join the Swedish Hunters" Association for one year. Membership costs about 300 SEK, including insurance but excluding the association"s magazine. Both the hunting permit and insurance can be arranged through the Swedish hunting host.

For more informationa, contact

Permitted firearms and ammunition

Only rifles can be used for certain game, including moose, red deer and bear. For ammunition the following requirements apply. Bullets which weigh at least 10 grams (154 grains) must have an impact energy of at least 2.000 joules at 100 metres from the muzzle. Bullets which weigh between 9 and 10 grams (139-154 grains) must have an impact energy of at least 2.700 joules 100 metres from the muzzle.

Similar requirements also apply to hunting for fallow deer and wild boar. However, these game species can also be hunted with shotguns loaded with slug-ammunition. Only single-barrel shotguns can be used in this connection.

Beavers are also among the species which can be hunted only with rifles. For roe-deer hunting shotguns are allowed only between 1 October and 31 January. At other times rifles must be used. The minimum ammunition requirement for hunting beaver and roe deer is: bullet weight at least 3.2 grams (50 grains); impact energy of at least 800 joules 200 metres from the muzzle.

Fully jacketed bullets cannot be used for hunting any of the above species.

Shotguns which can be loaded with more than three cartridges may not be used. The largest permitted calibre is 12. Calibres smaller than 20 - with certain exceptions - cannot be used for hunting.

The biggest shot size allowed is number US 1 (4 mm).

In certain wetland areas it is forbidden to use lead-shotcartridges.

Import of firearms

Visitors from Denmark, Finland or Norway with permanent permission from proper authority to own and use firearms for private use in these countries may, without any special import permit or fee, to Sweden import these firearms and ammunition belonging to them. The firearms and ammunition may be used in Sweden for a period of maximum three months. The permit of the weapon should be brought along or - regarding Denmark and Finland - the permit of the weapon or the European Firearms Pass.

Foreign visitors from other countries planning to take their own firearms on a hunting trip to Sweden must start planning in good time and in co-operation with their Swedish host. As a rule it is best for the host to make an application on behalf of the guest.

Permission for the import and export is given by the police authority at the point where the firearms will be brought in to the country. The police have special application forms for this purpose.

Contact Swedish the Police for more information (in English)

Addresses of the police authorities at the points where foreign hunters usually arrive when they visit Sweden:

For the whole of Sweden, call +46 11414 or mail:

Polismyndigheten i Stockholms län
106 75 Stockholm

Polismyndigheten i Västra Götaland

Polismyndigheten i Skåne län
205 90 Malmö

Borrowing firearms

It is possible for foreign guests to borrow firearms from a Swedish hunter. If the owner of the weapon is always together with the person who has borrowed the weapon within a few metres - the only requirements are that the foreign hunter must be at least 15 years of age and be in possession of a Swedish hunting permit.

If the foreign hunter wants to borrow a weapon for his own use he must be at least 18 years old and be permitted to use the same type of weapon in his own country. The Swedish owner of the weapon must draw up a loan certificate which must be written on a photocopy of his permit for the weapon. On the photocopy must be stated the name of the guest hunter, his home address and address in Sweden, as well as the purpose and duration of the loan, which cannot be longer than 14 days. The information about the guest hunter and his loan of the weapon must be signed by the Swedish owner of the weapon.

Moose-hunting tests

Foreign hunters who want to go hunting for moose in Sweden should arrange through their host to visit a moose-hunting training range before the hunt.

Many landowners and hunting hosts makes it a requirement that moose hunters must have passed a recognised test at the bronze level before they take part in the hunt.

During the test, hunters shoot at a life-size figure of a moose at a distance of 80 metres. The test involves shooting at the figure both while it is stationary and when it is "running".


To import dogs read more at Jordbruksverkets site.

Statens Jordbruksverk
Vallgatan 8
551 82 Jönköping
Tel +46-36-15 50 00

To hunt - and what contacts are necessary?

Many foreign visitors enjoy their sport in Sweden through their contacts with Swedish hunting enthusiasts. If you want to make contact with Swedish hunters for an "exchange hunt" or to take part in a shoot as a paying guest, it is worth consulting one of the Swedish hunting magazines.

These magazines carry advertisements both by private individuals and hunting-tour operators about opportunities for hunting in Sweden. You can also place your own advertisment for an exchange hunt.

If you want to subscribe to the Nordic countries, biggest magazine, Svensk Jakt, you can apply by telephone on +46-155-24 62 00. Some tour operators offering hunting in Sweden also advertise in foreign hunting magazines.
Contact Svensk Jakt,

Svenska Jägareförbundet wish you Good hunting!

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