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Permitted firearms and ammunition

Only rifles can be used for certain game, including moose, red deer and bear.

For ammunition the following requirements apply. Bullets which weigh at least 10 grams (154 grains) must have an impact energy of at least 2.000 joules at 100 metres from the muzzle. Bullets which weigh between 9 and 10 grams (139-154 grains) must have an impact energy of at least 2.700 joules 100 metres from the muzzle.

Similar requirements also apply to hunting for fallow deer and wild boar. However, these game species can also be hunted with shotguns loaded with slug-ammunition. Only single-barrel shotguns can be used in this connection.

Beavers are also among the species which can be hunted only with rifles. For roe-deer hunting shotguns are allowed only between 1 October and 31 January. At other times rifles must be used. The minimum ammunition requirement for hunting beaver and roe deer is: bullet weight at least 3.2 grams (50 grains); impact energy of at least 800 joules 200 metres from the muzzle.

Fully jacketed bullets cannot be used for hunting any of the above species.

Shotguns which can be loaded with more than three cartridges may not be used. The largest permitted calibre is 12. Calibres smaller than 20 - with certain exceptions - cannot be used for hunting.

The biggest shot size allowed is number US 1 (4 mm).

In certain wetland areas it is forbidden to use lead-shotcartridges.

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