Svenska Jägareförbundet


Photo: Magnus Rydholm

Swedish Hunting Examination


Hunting examination should be implemented by anyone that from January 1, 1985 wishes to possess and use hunting weapons in Sweden.
Theoretical and practical examinations
The theoretical test as part of the hunting examination has to be passed by all, regardless of what type of weapons to be acquired. A complete hunting examination consists of one theoretical and three practical
tests, the shotgun test, basic rifle test and rifle test for big game.

The authority responsible for the legislation and content of the tests, described below, is The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket).

The study material (books and digital) that is used is produced by the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management (Svenska Jägareförbundet).
The study material is only available in Swedish. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for the tests.
The material (books) consist of the following topics –

Ecology, Environmental care, History development/expansion of species, Knowledge of species, Game conservation, Game disease
Game research, Damage caused by game on farming land and forests
Hunting legislation, Firearms legislation
Hunting ethics, Taking care of shot game, Effects of shooting at game
Hunting methods, Trapping, Hunting dogs, Search for wounded game
Knowledge of firearms, Safe handling of firearms, Ammunition & ballistics, Shooting techniques

Practice in gun handling and shooting is done with shooting instructors at shooting clubs. Depending on the samplers previous knowledge and skills in gun handling and shooting, the time needed for preparation for the practical tests, varies. A sampler with limited knowledge often need at least 20 hours with a shooting instructor before he is ready to do the tests.

Theoretical test

The test consists of questions in multiple choice format, i.e. sampler has to choose between four possible answers given.
The sampler can only do a theoretical test on the same day.
The test includes 70 questions which must be answered within 60 minutes. For the test to be approved, at least 60 questions must be correctly answered.

Practical shotgun test

The practical shotgun test consists of the following elements.

  1. Safe gun handling

  2. Estimating distance

  3. Clay target shooting

  4. Shooting against moving ground targets

Safe gun handling

The sampler's ability to manage his shotgun safely is examined. Weapons handling is controlled and assessed in detail under a special program.

Distance Rating

Sampler to estimate the distance from six different animal shapes placed at various distances. The sampler must be able to determine if the figures are placed within or outside the appropriate shooting distance with shotguns. The sampler must make the right assessment for all six characters. If not, the test is failed.

Clay target shooting

Sampler to shoot at clay pigeons. Six clay targets are thrown straight out and away from the sampler. At least four hits are required to pass the test.

Shooting at ground targets

Sampler to shoot at moving, one right and one going left, ground targets (rabbit / fox / deer), at 20 meters distance. To pass requires at least eight pellets hit the area (9 cm in diameter) of hare or fox figure or at least 28 pellets in the hit area (18 centimeters in diameter) of roe deer figure.

Improper handling weapons

If the sampler fails in safe gun handling or special handling in any of the sequences, distance assessment, combined test, clay target shooting or shooting at ground targets because of obvious inferior weapons handling, the shotgun test discontinued. Other approved tests in the shotgun test do in such cases not count.

Basic rifle test

The practical basic rifle test includes the following elements.

  1. Safe rifle handling

  2. Precision Shooting

Safe rifle handling

For safe rifle handling, the sampler's ability to safely handle a rifle is tested.
To be eligible, the samplers weapons handling must be completely accurate and weapons habit otherwise acceptable.

If the sampler fails safe rifle handling or fails in precision shooting because of obvious inferior weapons handling, the test is discontinued.

Precision Shooting

In precision shooting, the sampler's ability to shoot two tight match pictures of four shots each is examined. The first shooting series the sampler will shoot from a shooting bench with good support and the other series is shot knee standing or sitting down. Shooting distance should be 80 meters.

To pass requires the bullet holes in each series are fully covered by a circular result image templates.

Series shot from shooting bench may have up to 12 cm spread.

Series shot knee standing or sitting down may have at most 17 cm spread.
If only one series is approved, the test is failed.

Practical big game rifle test

The practical big game rifle includes -
1. Shooting at a stationary moosefigure/target
2.Shooting at running moosefigure/target

Shooting distance is 80 meters.

At the time of the test the sampler may shoot a maximum of 9 series. One series consist of 4 shots, 2 shots at stationary and 2 shots at running target. For series to be approved, all 4 shots should be placed in the result field on the moosefigure/target.
Of these 9 series, at least 3 series must be approved for the test to be approved.

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