Svenska Jägareförbundet


Photo: Madeleine Lewander

Guard hunting

The hunter stations himself at a spot where animals often pass, or alternatively at a well-frequented grazing area.

There are many benefits to being in a hunting tower. The tower ensures good visibility, support for the weapon, and good backstop since all shots are aimed at the ground. It also makes it harder for the game to catch the hunter's scent, as he or she sits high up.

What game?
Towers are mostly used as hunting posts for hunting elk, deer and similar ungulates. This type of hunting allows a safe selection of animals as well as calm shooting opportunities. The hunt for roebucks usually involves a mix of hunting posts and stealth hunting. Near burrows and known game paths hunting posts can be used to hunt fox and badger. It is important for the hunter to be leeward from where the game is expected to pass.
Hunting beaver and mink from hunting posts is done in spring. The beaver is hunted as it moves to its feeding grounds, in the morning and evening. The mink is hunted in March-April, during the mating season. That is when males look for females willing to mate. Bridges, dams and open stretches of beach are suitable locations for hunting posts.
Hunting from posts can also be used to hunt forest hens if you know which places grouse and capercaillies tend to visit at the first light of dawn.

Snipers hunting from posts using bait, and old type of fox hunting. This type of hunting originated in the old peasant society. The hunter would shoot the fox through a hole in the barn, where they would go in search of food in piles of manure and rubbish heaps. Animal barns are still a good place to set up post.
The basis for bait hunting is the bait itself, which should be put out early in the season. The bait should be in place all year round, to accustom the fox to expecting to find food on its visits. Shooting foxes from post is a good way to hunt in moonlight and when the snow covers the ground.
Crow and mink can also be hunted using bait. Even wild boar can be hunted at night using bait.

Wild boar in the baiting area. Photo: Thomas Ohlsson.

Wild boar is most effectively hunted using bait.

The bait consists of grains, corn, peas, root vegetables and occasionally animal products. Do not use predators that have not been tested for trichinae as bait. This can spread the parasite further.
By covering the feeding area in straw, the dark bodies are easier to distinguish. 
Care is required before firing a shot at a feeding wild boar. The male boars are highly vigilant and rarely come out to feed in the open, so largest animals are almost always sows.
It is a good idea to shoot the smallest wild boars. Then you don’t risk shooting a sow with boarlets, plus the young boars taste better.

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