Svenska Jägareförbundet


German Shorthaired Pointer. Photo: Oscar Lindvall

Hunting with a pointing dog

Hunting using pointing dogs is a matter of letting the dog make the bird try to hide itself by lying still and pushing itself down, often in dense vegetation.

The dog seeks out the bird, often in a large zigzag pattern against the wind, with the handler following behind. The dog will search for trail marks or direct close contact with the bird.

When the dog comes into close contact with the bird, it will stop, often abruptly, with its nose turned in the direction of the scent. This is called pointing.
The hunter will then approach the dog slowly, ready to shoot, and urges the dog to get the bird in flight. As the bird takes off, the hunter shoots. Immediately after the dog has raised the bird, it should sit or lie down again.
When the bird is shot, the dog is sent to retrieve, the hunted game.

This is how grouse is hunted in the mountains, but also forest birds such as capercaillie and black grouse, as well as field birds such as pheasant and partridge.

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