Svenska Jägareförbundet


Swedish elkhound. Photo: Madeleine Lewander

Hunting with a Spitz-type dog

The most common form of elk hunting uses a Spitz-type dog, usually in combination with a shooter at a post.

The released dog searches the forest for scent or a trail. During the elk hunt, when the dog has located an elk, its task is to cry to get the elk to stay still at the shooting site.
It is important that the dog is calm, to avoid scaring it.
If the elk still tries to move, the dog can follow it while barking. If the elk escapes, the dog should stop barking and try to make it stop again. Only once the dog has stopped the elk will it resume barking.

The dog handler must take the wind direction into account before beginning to sneaking up on the elk. Quiet movements and soft clothing are also important to avoid scaring away the game.
When the dog handler is close enough to the elk and the dog, it is important to keep track of where the dog is. For example, it is crucial to never shoot if the dog is behind or too close to the elk. The bullet can hit the elk, but it may then change trajectory as it passes through the animal, and hit the dog.

When hunting with a Spitz-type dog, selective hunting is possible, meaning that the hunter carefully picks our an animal to shoot.

Wild boar can be hunted with a Spitz-type dog. Photo: Mostphotos

Bear can be hunted with a Spitz-type dog. It is not uncommon for bears to be shot in this way during regular elk hunting.
Wild boar can also be shot from posts.
Badger. Evenings and nights are good times to hunt badgers .

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