Svenska Jägareförbundet


German Spaniel. Photo: Niklas Liljebäck

Hunting with short hunting dogs

Short hunting dogs are dogs that hunt only for a short while and stop the hunt once the game has left the limited hunting area.

A hunting area can be divided into many different types, depending on the type of hunt.
Hunting with short hunting dogs is done in fields where there is plenty of game, so that the hunting area can be limited.

Deer, fallow deer and wild boar, other ungulates and small game such as hare and fox are hunted using short hunting dogs.
The shooters are stationed on stands, and a dog handler takes his or her short hunting dog out in the field. A second dog handler will sometimes enter the field from elsewhere. The dog seeks through the terrain and gets the game moving.
The game is then pursued for a short while, preferably accompanied by dog cries. The dog then returns.
When hunting wild boar, high demands are placed on the dog because the boars are not always inclined to move. Brave dogs are then required, but they must at the same time never under any circumstance become overconfident, as they can easily get injured.
During the hunt, the game will hopefully pass by a stand where the shooter has a good shooting position.

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