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Import of firearms

Visitors from Denmark, Finland or Norway with permanent permission from proper authority to own and use firearms for private use in these countries may, without any special import permit or fee, to Sweden import these firearms and ammunition belonging to them.

The firearms and ammunition may be used in Sweden for a period of maximum three months. The permit of the weapon should be brought along or - regarding Denmark and Finland - the permit of the weapon or the European Firearms Pass.

Foreign visitors from other countries planning to take their own firearms on a hunting trip to Sweden must start planning in good time and in co-operation with their Swedish host. As a rule it is best for the host to make an application on behalf of the guest.

Permission for the import and export is given by the police authority at the point where the firearms will be brought in to the country. The police have special application forms for this purpose.

Contact Swedish the Police for more information (in English)

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