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Search for shot game

In Sweden each hunter is responsible to search for shot game. According to the law you need to have a dog which is trained to search for the specific game at the place of shooting within two hours.

It is possible that you, as a foreign hunter, don´t have access to a dog and have difficulties finding someone to contact if a dog is needed.

‘Eftersöksassistans´ is a network of experienced trackers who search for shot game. They are connected to Svenska Jägareförbundet (the Swedish Hunting Association). When game is shot during hunting, they assist hunters in the search and can perform an investigation at the sight of shooting to determine if and where the animal was hit by the shot. These trackers don´t have specific demands for financial compensation – the terms are decided by you and the tracker before the search starts!

Visit our website to see in which areas ‘Eftersöksassistans’ is available and how to get in contact with the trackers.

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